10 Beautiful ‘Off the Grid’ Homes


Big cities and luxuries are not in everybody’s destiny. If you are the one who enjoys the outdoor and a trouble-free life then maybe it’s time to move off the grid. The term off the grid means the houses which produce their own power and are self-reliant. Families nowadays are thinking to move off the grid which can save thousands of dollars every year. Currently, approximately 7,50,000 households are living off the grid and it is growing every year by 10%. Let’s have a glance at some of the awesome off the grid homes.

10. Three Junipers, Arizona


Taalman Koch Architecture which is an LA-based group dedicated to designing off the grid sustainable houses has built these homes. This ranch style hi-tech home is situated outside the Joshua Tree National Park in a small community known as three Junipers. Every house is build up with solar and photovoltaic thermal technology that controls the home totally making them totally self-reliant. Rainwater is accumulated and filtered in five gallon storage tanks for regular use. And for watering plants grey water is stored outside. Native plants are used for landscaping. In spite of being off the grid this community is only 20 miles away from the nearby city.

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