10 Cars Every Bachelor Wants To Have


It is no child’s play to impress a woman or rather a hot chick! It takes men immense effort to dig out the turn-on factors for women and incorporate them in order to get the attention of girls. Observations, however, have revealed that girls love men with sexy and stylish cars and, unless they are looking out for the perfect guy or a soul mate, can instantly get inclined to you if you are driving a super hot and expensive car! In order to impress women and get the attention of their hot chicks, coupes and convertibles are generally on the top of the wish list of men when it comes to owning a luxury and expensive car.

So are you confused about which car to drive to impress women as a bachelor? Choose from the top 10 cars below!

1. Ford Shelby GT500 Convertible


Via diseno-art.com

The picture says it all! Think about the Ford Shelby GT500 and you will experience its pull no matter how far you are! The stunning car for bachelor’s is a personification of style, power and performance that is sure to get you the attention of women wherever you go! The supercar is given a mind blowing design and astounding features, sporty dual-cow dashboard design, leather-wrapped steering wheel, bright aluminum pedal covers and much more. The supercar offers a top speed of 202 mph and can be raced from a speed of 0 to 6o mph in merely 3.5 seconds.

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