10 Celebrities Who Went From Fit To Fat


Everyone lacks a little bit of self-control and celebrities are no different. They, in fact, have more things tempting them to break shackles and indulge in something which is not good excessively. Could be drugs, could be alcohol, and could also be food! A lot of celebrities let go of all the self-control and yield to their temptations but that comes with a price. Here you see 10 celebrities who couldn’t hold themselves back and became totally unfit.

1. Mariah Carey


Mariah is one of the most talented singers in the world with amazing vocal capacities and range. But as a star, she did tend to fall into the trap of losing control and turned from being one of the most beautiful women to looking like someone’s fat aunt. The good news is that it didn’t affect her singing and we hope that she gains control over her physique and returns back to her previous frame again!

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