10 Celebrity Couples Who Got Back Together


The media is quite harsh on the personal lives of celebrities; especially the ones in a relationship. This sometimes causes the relationship to go through some ups and downs which the couple may not even get through. And we see those couples split often only to get back together. Divorces and lawyers and attorneys are a big part of the Hollywood romance package. And after the split is done, we have some crazy stars who even end up getting back with their significant others. They risk everything in the process. And we never know if they’re really in love or are doing this to be in the spotlight. Either way, here are 10 celebrity couples who got back after ending it, thus refusing to give up!

Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake


Justin Timberlake is an absolutely good name in the world of pop, though he may not be a king; he’s definitely a part of the royal Family. Ever since his initial days in the industry, he has been a hot star for the women out there, and with his amazing music, he’s a win. He literally went from a Disney Kid to N’Sync and transitioned into a successful career as a solo artist and actor. With so much success on his platter, he’s obviously not the one who has time for commitment. He continued a celeb romance with Jessica Biel after dumping Cameron Diaz. They hooked up for a couple of months and later dated for four years. They had a cooperative breakdown soon after that and later even got back again. Now they’re married and are having kids, isn’t it adorable?

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