10 Most Bizarre Houses in the World


Purchasing a house is a big deal for any person in the world. After all, it would be our permanent shelter. For some people purchasing a house would be a huge investment. People spend a lot of time and money for finding a perfect house as per their needs, as one cannot buy a house as buying a pair of clothes or shoes, as it is a commitment.

Everyone has different thoughts about buying a house. Some people buy houses just to tear them out and start again, there are some who depends on a particular design and there few who wants simply bizarre. Your personality can be revealed through your houses. So let’s have a look at some of the bizarre houses.

10. Space Ship House, Chattanooga, Tennessee: $119,000


This house has been characterized in many newspapers, magazines and television shows including HGTV. This famous house is hanging on six cement pillars between which you can park your cars. Ample of small, square windows encircling the house give it more of a spacious feel and the front steps looks like a staircase which have been lowered from the ship. This house is located in a scenic spot, exactly beside the Tennessee River. The house is equipped with three bedrooms and two full baths having 2,000 square feet of living place.

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