10 People Who Used to be Beautiful


10. Britney Spears


Be it the ravages of time, substance abuse, or just plain-old bad genetics, not everyone ages well. Take Britney Spears for example, she was once the object of every hot blooded male’s desire, but somewhere along the way she developed an alcohol problem, had 2 kids, and legitimately lost her mind. Britney’s days of being the hottest girl to ever wrap a snake around her neck are long gone.

With that said, let’s take a look at other celebs who went from hot to not.

As a teenager, this once super hot “blonde” took over America and eventually the world. She had the all-American look but those eyes were telling us that she had a wild side. We just didn’t know just how wild. As the years went by wild turned to crazy, and crazy to insane. Britney started partying uncontrollably, drinking and doing drugs. Then she started to unravel while the world was watching. She shaved her head bald and sometimes even spoke with a British accent. Then she married Kevin Federline, had two kids and became the inspiration behind MTV’s Teen Mom. She played with snakes, walked around with a little dogs in designer pocketbooks, and showed the world her,um, kitten. People were predicting that the end was near for Britney. But it was far from over for America’s Pop Princess. She would show all her doubters that she still had it by showing us her “dance moves” at the MTV awards. Who can forget her live singing? The American people would eventually get tired of Britney and her antics and banish her to the graveyard for washed up pop stars, Las Vegas.

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