10 World’s Most Peaceful Countries


The world has been turning into a dangerous place every year since 2008, according to the Global Peace Index (GPI). A lot of countries unfortunately become victims of terrorist activities and external conflicts among the countries. In spite of all this, there are also many peaceful countries in the world. Though these countries may not be perfect, they are guaranteed safe and beautiful places to live in. According to the Global Peace Index, here are ten most peaceful countries in the world. Is yours on the list? Find out.

1. Iceland


A lot of factors lead Iceland to be recognized as one of the most peaceful country in the world. The country successfully overcame its banking crisis of 2008-11 and became one of the most progressive countries with a literacy rate of 100 percent. The level of literacy and tolerance is quite high among the citizens which highly promote the low violence and crime rate. Iceland also has low military expenditures. The natural attractions include volcanoes, glaciers and landscapes that woo tourists from all over the world. Icelanders are also recognized as the happiest and the healthiest nations on earth and the level of content within the population is also very high.

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