12 Shocking Foods and Drinks Made With Real Gold


Now the suppliers of certain foods and drinks have decided to put our money where our mouths are. Each element of a cafe menu, be it a birthday cake, a cup of coffee or sushi is laced with real, edible gold, literally allowing the patron to feel richer with each bite.

True, some items on the menu list could be the preserve of those in the high-income bracket or someone wanting to indulge in once in a lifetime madness. The concept that food could be infused, flaked or encrusted with real gold may seem bizarre at first, but it sells. It’s a unique way of selling food. Apart from being a culinary experience for buyers it’s an idea the effect of which is more powerful than the effect on our taste buds. Here are 12 of the food and beverage items made with real gold.

1. Grande Cuvee 24-Karat


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There are a number of manufacturers of wine and champagne on the market that have benefited from the trend of using gold to enhance the experience of drinking their product. Grande Cuvée, a sparkling wine in California is one of the leaders in the field. It manufactures a bottle of wine that has an infusion of gold leaves and 24 karats gold flakes. Each pouring of the sparkling wine dazzles with shimmering gold and makes its way to your plate. And while you could be left wondering as to how expensive this gold-laced product could be, you would be surprised to learn that the award-winning Big 24 Karat Cuvée is an affordable $31 per bottle. That makes this wine not just a delicacy, but an item that is an extremely economical party proposition.

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