15 ’80S Celebs You Won’t Recognize Today


Oh, the 80s! There has never been a decade quite like it. It was the time of 8-bit video games, absurd hairdos, acid washed jeans, and even more ridiculous leather-pants-wearing power music bands. Not to forget the mix of awesome and completely cheesy TV shows and movies. Nothing will ever be the way it was in that era. And while we talk about the TV shows and movies here, how many of the stars do you actually thoroughly remember? Let’s test your love for the 80s. Here are 15 ’80s celebs you may not even recognize:

1. Jennifer Jason Leigh

Jennifer Jason Leigh

Jennifer has been acting since she was nine, and has appeared in films like “Road to Perdition” and “The Machinist.” But her real lifechanging role was when she played sophomore Stacy Hamilton in “Fast Times at Ridgemont High, back in 1982. Do you know Jennifer Jason Leigh is now 53 years old? Even though she’s ageing a bit, she still looks just as beautiful. She has just finished the filming of ‘Amityville: The Awakening’ and we just can’t wait to see it.

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