20 Actors That Turned Down Incredibly Massive Roles


After watching a really great movie, don’t we think that if any other artist would’ve been cast in place of the main character, the movie would’ve turned out too different? Even if we do give it a thought, it ruins the whole scenario in our minds. There is something about the whole chemistry between the cast that it gets hard to think of anyone in their place. The assigned cast just does their work so well that it seems too perfect to be altered in any way. But do you know that these actors weren’t chosen for their role in the first go? There are actors who obviously turn down a few roles till the casting director hunts down another potential person. Though these actors might have had their set of reasons for doing so, here are 20 such actors who turned down massive roles.

1. Molly Ringwald

The 80’s film icon sensation Molly Ringwald is best remembered for her films like The Breakfast Club, 16 Candles and Pretty in Pink. But slowly her fame started to dwindle away because she lost out on amazing film roles. One of which was the lead female role as Vivian in Pretty Woman. Julia Roberts ended up bagging the role, which turned out to be a huge career-making film for her.

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