From Hideous To Hot – 15 Celebs Who Outgrew Ugly


When you see a celebrity in any magazine, the first thing that probably comes to your mind is how flawless they look. We all try to look like them in some or the other way, it is undeniable. They look downright gorgeous, on the red carpet, on the TV, in the interview, in the candid picture, everywhere. But were they born with the beauty? Certainly not. In fact, many were plain or rather hideous in their younger days. We tell you about 15 celebrities who outgrew ugly and became hot. Get ready to be shocked!

George Clooney

We cannot believe anything against this guy. But there’s proof, I mean look at that photo, what’s up with the glasses and that hideous haircut? He must’ve been teased too much in school, we wonder if he had any cool friends.

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