1. The objective of the privacy policy

In the Privacy Policy, CrazyFreelancer and its affiliates (parent company, subsidiary, etc.) (hereinafter referred to as CrazyFreelancer ) have always expressed concern in protecting the privacy of users of the services described below. The current privacy policy of Law 78-17 of January 6, 1978, regarding enforcement regulations, especially information technology, files and freedoms, is an integral part of the Terms of Service governing games and software applications provided by CrazyFreelancer. It includes everything, primarily through third-party social networking platforms (the “Platforms”). Content, all services, all features accessed through these game and software applications (collectively, “Services”).

In particular, the current privacy policy is intended to inform you of the general policy implemented by CrazyFreelancer regarding the protection of personal data collected and processed after the use of services that comply with the terms of use described above. By accessing and using the Services, you expressly agree to the terms of this Privacy Policy, and as a result, collect, store, use, and use your data, as described herein. You agree to the disclosure. Please be aware that the privacy policy is subject to change at any time by CrazyFreelancer . With this in mind, by continuing to use or access the Services after the date the changes were last changed, you will be deemed to have accepted those changes as modified. Therefore, we recommend that you check your privacy policy regularly to ensure that it is updated when there is a change.

2. Data collection

2.1 Data collected by CrazyFreelancer via the platform

The collected and processed data will be voluntarily provided to CrazyFreelancer by you through the platforms by agreeing to access and use the Services from these platforms. At the very least, such data includes your name, profile picture, gender, network, username, user ID numbers of friends and people who belong to your system, and other information that you provide to everyone. If applicable, CrazyFreelancer may collect additional data (for example, email addresses) that you may agree to provide through the Platform. All personal data is provided directly to CrazyFreelancer by the Platform, and you are deemed to have read and agreed to the Platform’s Terms of Use and its Privacy Policy. CrazyFreelancer is not responsible for how the platform works concerning the collection, storage and processing of personal data. Besides, we are responsible for the privacy settings of your account on the platform so that CrazyFreelancer is not responsible in this regard.

2.2 Data collected directly by CrazyFreelancer

CrazyFreelancer may also collect data directly from you through the provision of services. Therefore, you agree that by using some of the features within the service that require online payment, you can collect bank details, email addresses, and phone numbers under current regulations. As part of the use of the service or related official space (dedicated official space on the platform, support website, etc.), CrazyFreelancer may also invite you to participate in promotional events (contests, free draws, etc.). Participation in these promotional events means complete and complete consent to the collection, storage and processing of the personal data provided. If applicable, and in the context of using the Services, the number of accumulated points may be withheld to determine your rank/level for the particular purpose of establishing player rankings. By using the Services, you agree, in particular, that your score, your rank/level, your ID and your photo are listed in the general ranking of players, which all users of the Services will be able to view. Furthermore, when you contact CrazyFreelancer directly through its support service, they may collect and store your contact details (in particular your name, postal address and e-mail address) and, where applicable, your ID number. The Platforms from which you access and use the Services, as well as specific information relating to your use of the Services that you will provide to CrazyFreelancer .

Finally, CrazyFreelancer may need to collect aggregated data to provide an optimized level of service. This may include data such as IP address, browser type, browser language, clicks, pages displayed, and more generally browsing and connection data.

3. Purpose of data collection and processing

CrazyFreelancer collects, stores and processes personal data to effectively access and use the Services. Data collected directly by the platform or customers enables optimal management and improvement of services, communication between users of services, provision of technical support and efficient response to user requests, and correct application of terms of use. To manage, use CrazyFreelancer Services, communication about new and current services with promotional offers, analysis of user traffic trends, collection of statistical data, or targeting of advertising content that may appear on our services. When you receive promotional communications on behalf of CrazyFreelancer , you have the opportunity to post and terminate them according to the unregistered instructions contained within the contacts.

4. Recipient of your data

Your data will not be provided to third parties, except in the following cases:

CrazyFreelancer needs to share data with business partners, suppliers and service providers, especially technical service providers, resellers and buyers, to provide services, resolve functional service issues and communicate with users of the service. Or to provide advertising and promotional information related to the use. In particular, CrazyFreelancer provides data to third parties that provide services such as payment processing, data analysis, email campaign processing, service hosting, and service processing. The specific marketing activity for that service.

CrazyFreelancer may disclose your data in the application of laws and regulations, or by the decisions of appropriate regulators or legal bodies, or as necessary, to protect your rights and interests

CrazyFreelancer is permitted to transfer data following Article 10 of these Regulations if the management of CrazyFreelancer changes, or if all or part of its activities is ceased.

Prior consent to data sharing or disclosure, including features provided by the platform.

We want to pay particular attention to the fact that by using certain CrazyFreelancer services through the platforms, other users of these services will be able to view the user profiles of these platforms. This profile may allow other users to obtain information related to this profile that you have published. CrazyFreelancer is not responsible for this. It is the user’s responsibility to set the data associated with the profile. CrazyFreelancer will not share personal data with third party advertisers for marketing purposes without prior consent. However, please be aware that advertisers may obtain personal data about you from user profiles on the platform or other public sources.

Similarly, CrazyFreelancer is not responsible in this regard. CrazyFreelancer , on the other hand, may share certain non-personal technical or aggregated data related to the navigation of users of the Service with certain third parties. See article 7 for an example of navigation data. With CrazyFreelancer , advertisers use specific technologies such as cookies to collect this type of technical or aggregated data to serve targeted advertising in a more general context than personalizing the user experience. You will be able to do it. The collection, processing and disclosure of such anonymous data are not subject to the restrictions outlined in the current privacy policy.

5. Data security

CrazyFreelancer will do its best to protect your personal data and limit its risk of loss, deterioration and misuse. Therefore, if you enter sensitive information such as your credit card number or password while using the service, that information will be encrypted using the “SSL” encryption protocol. Despite the security measures adopted, CrazyFreelancer does not guarantee the transfer and integrity of data sent to third parties through the service (e.g. when purchasing physical and virtual products) and is responsible in this regard. We do not owe it. You explicitly accept the limitations and risks inherent in using the Internet and take all freely available precautions to protect the privacy of your personal data (including potential account passwords required to use the Services).

6. Protect your data

Your personal data will be stored on the host identified in the Legal section and will be retained for as long as necessary to achieve the above objectives. Beyond this period, it is retained for statistical purposes only and will not be used in any other way.

7. Cookies

CrazyFreelancer may apply auto-tracking procedures (cookies) as part of facilitating access and use of the service, personalizing this access and use, and managing the ads that may be displayed on the service. Cookies do not allow you to be identified. On the other hand, you can record information related to computer navigation in sites that access this service and other related areas (pages viewed, date and time displayed, etc.) and read them during your visit. However, you can choose to disable “cookies” by configuring your browser by following the steps on the following Wikihow site (’s-Cookies). Keep in mind that setting your browser in this way can change the quality of service.

8. Third-party privacy policy

The Services may contain links to third-party websites. Similarly, some content of the service (advertising or other related) may be hosted by a third party. Finally, as part of some of the features of services that require online payments, you may need to use secure payment tools provided by third-party companies. CrazyFreelancer is not responsible for any practices related to the collection, storage and processing of personal data and the content of its website by these third parties. You warrant the CrazyFreelancer for any claims, actions, and procedures initiated in this regard. If you have any questions about the use of your personal data by these third parties, please refer to the applicable privacy policy and contact the third party directly.

9. International level data transfer

The personal data collected by CrazyFreelancer to operate this service is hosted in the United States CrazyFreelancer and its hosts comply with the Safe Harbor framework cited by the Department of Commerce regarding the collection, use and storage of online user data from the European Union. CrazyFreelancer  will take all reasonable steps to ensure that your data is processed in full security and accordance with this Privacy Policy. By sending your data to CrazyFreelancer  and, more generally, accessing and using the Services, you consent to the transfer, storage, or processing of your data in the United States.

10. End / Transfer

CrazyFreelancer reserves the right to transfer your personal data, primarily through acquisitions or mergers with other companies, if control of all or part of its activities changes or ceases. In such cases, CrazyFreelancer will use all means to notify the user of such transfers and, if applicable, changes that affect their privacy policy.

11. Privacy Policy for Children Under 13

The services provided by CrazyFreelancer are not intended for children under the age of 13. Children under the age of 13 should not use this service. With this in mind, CrazyFreelancer does not actively collect personal data from children under the age of 13. However, if the collection of such data draws the attention of CrazyFreelancer, we will take all possible steps to remove the corresponding data.

12. Right to access, modify or cancel personal dat

In accordance with legal provisions, you have the general right to access, modify and delete personal data collected based on your access to and use of the Services. Especially for data collected through the platforms, you can access and modify such data directly from the personal areas available on these platforms. If you do not have personal space, you will need to refer to the platform access and change policies.

13. Do you have any questions?

If you have any questions about CrazyFreelancer service or privacy policy, please feel free to email us at

Have fun. This is a game after all.